Revolutionising Technological Innovation

At Automated Media Solutions we excel in understanding your project concerns, providing exceptional technical services, and fostering strong client relationships. As forward-thinking consultants, we navigate the evolving technological landscape whilst aligning with your budget. Our integrated services cover the full spectrum of system design and implementation, ensuring seamless solutions that surpass expectations.

Moreover, we offer complete project management, from inception to execution and ongoing support. Our commitment to the after-sales experience earns us the highest client accolades.

As a team of professionals, we deliver an unforgettable experience with meticulous attention to detail. Upholding the highest standards and prioritising integrity, we redefine technological excellence.

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Intuitive User Experience

A total home integration experience is when all the pieces fit succinctly together in harmony. Simplicity is key and we leave nothing unchecked. Ease of use is the starting point for every project we undertake. We leverage our system design experience to provide the most intuitive set of user features possible. We feature Savant, AMX and Lutron as our core control platforms precisely because these brands emphasise capability, user interface and simplicity, enabling you to experience elegant control of your home environment.

Elegant Design

Technology needs to integrate seamlessly with your existing architecture, complementing the design rather than detracting from it. Automated Media Solutions deploys elegant user interfaces that blend into their surroundings. From speakers that disappear from sight to media systems that coexist with your living space, everything we do is highly customisable with the goal of environmental cohesion. Our systems are tailor made to better serve your individual needs. We believe that technology must tastefully coexist with your living space whilst respecting the overall dynamic of your home’s architecture.

Environmental Fostering

At Automated Media Solutions we merge environmentally friendly and technically efficient systems allowing you to reduce energy costs and decrease your environmental impact. As an exclusive Lutron and Savant Systems partner we offer robust tech for maintaining efficient homes. Maximising these two powerful platforms clients can now realise their own user-definable and customisable spaces. Scenes allow for a user to minimise everyday repetitive tasks increasing overall efficiency. With the addition of these powerful user-defined features clients can now configure extended levels of control whilst saving money and helping to protect our planet.


Modern Smart Home Living

We offer bespoke and customisable solutions for any project size and budget. Our exclusive brands and a proven track record alows us to provide advanced features for homeowners, simplifying the user experience whilst preserving functionality. Core services include Smart Wiring, Secure Wired and Wireless Networks, Intelligent Lighting Control, Audio Distribution, Video Matrixing, Motorised Soft-treatments, Pool Control, HVAC Integration, Security, Surveillance, and more. All of these features are centralised, giving you full control over your home.

Seamless Sound & Video

With Savant we streamline whole-home control by distributing your sound and video sources ensuring an unobtrusive and user-friendly system. In a modern home we prioritise the seamless flow and harmony of sound and video. Our design philosophy revolves around intelligent integration of audio and video sources, making them easily accessible from any room. We seamlessly integrate this technology to create a functional environment that truly comes alive.

Sophisticated Lighting Environments

With Savant and Lutron as primary Green Energy Partners and with a leveraging of the Single-App Environment, we provide sleek solutions for controlling lighting, shading, and energy consumption in your home. Our soft window treatments regulate indoor temperatures year-round. Dimming modules for lighting fixtures reduce energy usage whilst supporting a well-lit space. By balancing natural and artificial light we create an energy-efficient environment. Automated Media Solutions can assist in custom integrating the latest Lutron and Savant systems to control lighting and upgrade residential or commercial spaces of any size.

Security & Surveillance

Security integration ensures the safety and monitoring of your home. Today’s technology allows remote management even when you’re away on vacation or business travel. Our surveillance systems provide video monitoring on televisions and smartphones, granting visual access to your home. By integrating audio, video, and smart lighting with security protocols, we create the appearance of an occupied home while you’re away. With Savant’s Single-App Environment, you maintain a clear view of your home and enjoy a seamless user experience that is effortless.

Media Systems

Automated Media Solutions offers a diverse range of top-quality audio and video products. We surpass expectations with customised, awe-inspiring media systems. Whether you desire immersive sound or cinematic visuals, we provide solutions ranging from simple setups to high-calibre home theatres. Our integrated systems include surround sound solutions, dedicated home theatres, communal space audio, and specialty listening rooms. Our designs prioritise seamless harmony between sound and video, delivering optimal performance throughout your home.

Specialty Hi-Fidelity

A high quality sound system captures the originality and depth that music wonderfully inspires, enabling recordings to be heard as the artist originally intended. Automated Media Solutions provides immersive sound experiences by distributing quality audio end points throughout your home. Our audio systems bring rooms to life with exceptional performance. We offer top-notch electronics and speakers from trusted brand names like Bowers & Wilkins, Aurender, Chord Electronics, Rega, Roksan and more. Let our system specialists enhance your home’s acoustic experience.

As integration professionals we take great care when specifying technology solutions for our clients. Service and ongoing support are critical aspects to our work without unnecessary hidden costs associated with maintenance and system upkeep. Our past clients, many who have used our services over multiple projects, rely on our team and many of these clients are happy to provide references upon request that speak to our track record.