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‘With a simple touch of a button’.

This is a prime example of the ease we provide as we put you in the driver’s seat for total control over your home electronics environment. With new technologies the modern home can be built and or retrofitted with less cumbersome interfaces that manage all of your key facilities: from smart wiring, to smart lighting… combined control over themed elements such as audio, video, shading, security and surveillance features that are distributed from one core area of your house. Home Integration is the means by which we serve you a rich palette of capabilities that enable you to enact true dominion over your modern services with simple function.

As you will see as you peruse our showcase, we offer you the ability to simplify your experience with electronic technology aiding you to complete a multitude of automated tasks with a single gesture, swipe of a screen or touch panel. From monitoring the inside or the outside of your dwelling with inconspicuously placed cameras, to seeing if your house is secure with a visual graph of all your door and window contacts whilst at home or when away, this simplicity is our pleasure to provide you with the latest and most powerful and up to date technologies providing ease of function and peace of mind as you venture out into total home control.

We work on projects of any size, budget and scope and provide the top features that our clients require so that you can sleep soundly knowing your project is in safe hands with our top professionals. We have chosen the best technology people in the various fields of our expertise who are concerned only with providing you the client with the best and most cohesive professional service experience so that we can continue to earn your loyalty and trust for many years to come.

Home Integration is simply put: practicality and modern innovation coupled with ease of function, comfort and enjoyment.

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