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If you’re used to traditional lighting systems, you know the feeling of searching for diverse components to create the mood you want in your home, none of which quite seem to fit the bill. On top of that, you end up with standalone lighting that doesn’t entirely fit with your decor, takes up space and can be an eyesore on your walls, with dimmers and switches everywhere.

Imagine hitting a “Sleep” button to fade the lights in every room down to a predetermined level, custom to the needs of each family member. Imagine holding a gathering and setting a single “Dinner” mode, adjusting to the perfect evening settings so you can focus on entertaining. Imagine turning off every light in your home with a single button as you walk out the door.

This is made possible with an intelligent lighting control system, helping you to replace all those dimmers and knobs with a single in-wall touchscreen or keypad. Control only your lighting and shading if you like, or, expand your capabilities to control other aspects of your home, like the thermostats and music.

Your new lighting system will provide energy savings as your lighting fluidly turns off and on based on preset timing settings or occupancy sensors. Go green by reducing not only your energy consumption but also reducing your waste, since your lighting fixtures will get less use and can now last longer. Security will be enhanced, as you’re now able to control the lights in your home from anywhere, and have the lights turn on and off at set intervals, making it look just as if you were really home.

Take control of your environment with a smart home lighting control solutions. Let us help you customize your atmosphere and your lighting automation settings around you and your family’s life and needs.

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